2NE1 “Can’t Nobody” CL Monolid Makeup Tutorial

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Products mentioned:
Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream #23
Urban Decay Primer Potion
L’Oreal HIP Cream Shadow Paint in 909
Urban Decay Naked Palette (Creep for lids, Buck for eyebrows)
Lioele All In One Gel Eyeliner
NYX Single Eyeshadow in Black
Mineral Magic Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Self Control
Aromaleigh Indelible Eyeliner Sealant
Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler
Sugar half-lashes in Angel
Lash Grip Adhesive in dark tone
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara
MAC Spaced Out Blush
Lioele Blooming Pop Cherry Tint
Lioele Blooming Gloss in Vanilla Pink

Circle lenses are T-Top Ice Flower Grey lenses:

Velcro fringe bow is from Pretty & Cute here:

My necklace is from See Jewelry Online here: http://store.seejewelryonline.com/ice-collection-necklace-with-triangle-zig-zag-silver-and-clear-quartz.html

Jacket is from Express 2 years ago.


Pretty and Cute: http://www.prettyandcute.com
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Music is by Aimee of Asianpopcovers. Check out her amazing work here: http://www.youtube.com/user/asianpopcovers

20 thoughts on “2NE1 “Can’t Nobody” CL Monolid Makeup Tutorial

  1. cherryx

    that was my favorite tutorial! you look so pretty!!

  2. Purin Chan

    You are so pretty ^ and you are surch a dara look alike :3

  3. joy gosgolan

    The first the i saw this vid before i play this i thought she'll do the make up of dara and cl. Hahaha. My gawd. You really look like dara! Your so pretty!

  4. lexierimes123

    I love your tutorials because you have hooded eyes like I do 🙂 your videos have really helped me alot

  5. thangboihi ralte

    hey Jen. Can you make a tutorial for 2NE1's Park Bom's eye makeup tutorial from the "Falling In Love" MV?

  6. Doris Hung

    I LOVE this look!

  7. CookiechipIry

    What a excellent video! 🙂 Keep up the good work 😉 Hugs from Sweden

  8. Sofia's Badminton

    You look like dara

  9. Kamden Vera

    Monolid club unite XD. I honestly hate having monolid.

  10. SayMy NameMarj

    You look like 2NE1's Dara at 8:559:00 ♥

  11. Caryl Javier

    You look like dara. Haha nice tutorial? I love it!?

  12. Sweet Love

    even after five years of very pretty good videos…. this is and has always been my favorite Makeup video. it's just as good as it.. I have watched many times.. I still can't recreate somehow.. that dark shadows made me looked like panda. Your makeup skill is just amazing.. but I won't give trying it! cause the look is just the bomb!

  13. Bo-bae Yu

    You should do a makeup tutorial for Dara ;)

  14. Ines Almeida

    omg sandara

  15. Josephine M


  16. Nina Nam

    so pretty

  17. Tisha Tanisha

    is it only me or that's true that you really look like sandara

  18. 이그리고

    O pretty a1

  19. Phuong Tran

    u look soooooooooooo pretttyyyyyy!!!

  20. Bonnie Zhao

    so pretty!

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