5 Makeup Tips For Monolids

Hi Beauties! Nowadays asians generally like to have double eyelids and for people who don’t naturally have them, they tend to find ways to create them. But monolids are also pretty and that’s how asians eyes were originally! So today I’ll be showing you makeup tips and tricks to enhance and embrace your monolids!

List of products used in the video:
– Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil #Dark Brown
– Too Faced Peanut Butter and Jelly palette
– Too face chocolate soleil bronzer
– Becca highlighter #Champagne pop
– Shu Uemura S lash curler
– MAC velvetease lip pencil #Just My Type
– Ciaté Chisel Eyeliner (It’s not waterproof but we still used it for the shoot because we didn’t have a waterproof one. We still advice to get a waterproof eyeliner to avoid smudging)

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19 thoughts on “5 Makeup Tips For Monolids

  1. Bam Whip

    I'm a monolid who got half of the double lid lines. I know that sounds weird but the lines are from the double eyelid sticker I used to put on everyday. This makes my makeup x2 harder

  2. MaishouaHEARTu

    I had a friend who is a makeup guru and this video would had help her a lot when she did my eye makeup.

  3. JLdaydream

    Have you heard of korean makeup?

  4. Stella Nina

    i dont see the reason why she should try to have bigger eye and try to please other. monolid is beautiful and mystery and asian eye and that is completely normal in asia.

  5. phuong lan dau

    Thanks for your value tips :)

  6. Lala Beathope

    stop talking I want to know how to do make up

  7. KittyQueen (Foreverkitty)

    I have monolids too but I'm not Asian. My eye is a bit bigger than hers but ugh. it's a struggle with makeup but like I love makeup so muchhh

  8. potatocarrot

    omg she's so cuteeee :"D

  9. Wina Prinjani

    Liu Wen ❤??

  10. Kamden Vera

    most Korean celebrities get surgeries to get double eyelid surgery. I wish I could do that but I can't cause I had surgery for sight. monolids suck for me tbh cause I want to do like American makeup looks (since I live in America) but can't.

  11. Chloe Morales

    for monolids, don't use anything pink or red, it makes ur eye looks swollen lol, avoid naked 3 pallet lmao

  12. Monika Ray

    This is literally the only video I've seen on monolids that doesn't require double eyelid tape, like what's the point of naming the title "monolid makeup" when you're going to make them into double eyelids? ?

  13. queeniekelly

    She looks totally gorgeous!! So natural and feasible. Thank you!!

  14. taehyung Atheistic

    Aw you all are beautiful ladies :)

  15. Angel •_•

    When ur eyebrow game too thick and too lazy to shape it ???

  16. J WONG (imsowong)

    I do makeup tutorials for monolids on my channel if anyone is interested :)

  17. 10521577A

    Your model looks so cute! ?

  18. sensang somba

    New subscriber here ? I love monolids ❤️

  19. Emy Sc

    her sneeze made me like the video much more hahahaha, she's so cute Love ur videos ^-^

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