Daily Makeup for Monolids | 홑꺼풀 데일리 메이크업

Hello everyone!
Today’s everyday makeup is a makeup I wear so so often. I’ll be focusing on the eyes for this makeup. The key highlights of this makeup is the soft brown shadows as point colour for extra dimension, and the thick but natural and smudged eyeliner. It’s perfect makeup for monolids who do not want to wear super heavy or thick makeup. I hope you enjoy!

안녕하세요. 여러분! 오늘 영상은 제가 정말 자주하는 데일리 메이크업입니다. 이 튜토리얼에 하이라이트는 부드러운 갈색 음영 색갈과 두껍지만, 자연스러운 아이라인입니다. 너무 무겁거나 진한 화장이 아니라서, 홑꺼풀 / 무쌍 데일리로는 너무 좋은 것 같아요. 재밌게 봐주세요!

Products I used for this tutorial:
NYX Hot Single Eyeshadow – Sex Kitten | NYX 핫 싱글 아이섀도우 – 섹스키틴
Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette – Uncensored | 로락 언집드 팔레트 – 언센서드
Kat Von D Tattoo Liner – Mad Max Brown | 캣본디 타투 라이너 – 매드맥스 브라운
Lorac Unzipped Eyeshadow Palette – Untamed | 로락 언집드 팔레트 – 언테임드
Lise Watier Crayon Jumbo Waterproof Eye Light Shadow – Pêche Melba | 리즈 와티에 점보 크레용 아이섀도우 – 패츠 맬바
Maybelline Define-A-Lash Waterproof Mascara | 메이블린 디파인 어 래쉬 워터프루프 마스카라

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20 thoughts on “Daily Makeup for Monolids | 홑꺼풀 데일리 메이크업

  1. thesiiiiickest

    So pretty! You really do look like Seolhyun haha lucky girl

  2. Em

    Your are so pretty! You look like a kpop idol!! daebak!!!

  3. K.JP aml

    Can u do a tutorial about the base? (Foundation,concelear..)And love u video ?

  4. Linh Thosengmani

    New subscriberrrrr ^^ just wanna say hi hehe. btw can you do more makeup tutorials plsssss? @@

  5. Suzan Yew

    has anyone told you that you look a lot like AOA's seolhyun?!?!

  6. Celine Ng Ling

    but my eyes lids waf fold inwards and I have to draw too thick only can get tat look?

  7. Yao Wang

    I love this look! I have very small double eyelids and I struggle to do my eye makeup properly haha. I think this will really help 🙂 good work!

  8. Jen Tan

    u really look like arden cho

  9. ninetailgumiho

    Love this look! Totally gonna use this for an upcoming banquet! Btw you really remind me of Seolhyun and Park Boyoung!


    쯔위 닮았어요 ㅎㅎ 튜토리얼 잘 봤습니다~

  11. mdtwlys life


  12. Juchille Jae Eltanal

    Great video! I have been looking for youtubers with monolids, really happy I saw this video. I definitely learned something new especially on how you used the brushes!

  13. Princess Azula

    l have no monolids, but loved the tut.

  14. Golden Maknae

    u look like seolhyun, tzuyu and abit of dahyun and also abit of Arden cho

  15. Katherine Shin

    Finally! A monolid tutorial that I like and can actually do!! Thank you so much ??

  16. Rebekah_Shin

    쯔위랑 설현 섞어놓은 느낌

  17. kslushbee Inspired

    omg, I thought you were seolhyun from aoa! so pretty!^^

  18. BluebearChu

    You look like mix of seolhyun and tzuyu from twice ??

  19. Auranicha K.

    more tutorial pls?

  20. Katherine Shin

    Can you please do a matte makeup look?

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