HOW TO: Monolid Makeup Routine

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hey guys!
finally! I’m showing you guys monolid makeup routine. A LOT of you guys ask me to show you how I personally do my makeup and i didn’t want to because i’m not very good and it’s seriously so simple! haha
but shoutout to amy from vagabond youth because i took tips from her youtube channel when I first started trying to do my makeup! check her out!

anyways I really hope this help you guys and thank you so much for being so sweet and supportive! you guys loved my last video and it made me so happy! we have so much in common and it’s so great to be able to share interests! haha
love you guys a lot and have a really amazing day!


20 thoughts on “HOW TO: Monolid Makeup Routine

  1. Jeulianne

    love love love your videos :3

  2. Katrina Rina Garcia

    lol your dog is so cute!

  3. Jenny Wang

    Thanks so much for doing this!! there are a lot of monolid eye makeup tutorials on youtube, but it's so hard to find one that is a true monolid

  4. beautywithcal

    I love putting eyeshadow on my outer v too! I don't use falsies! maybe you can try my look too 🙂 will try yours soon ~~~~

  5. SavagePerson

    You are almost even prettier without makeup… forever jealous ;-;

  6. Summerina Lee


  7. Jessica Chang

    omg i just found you youre so pretty D;

  8. Hanna Looi

    My eyes are like yours, and this helped so much! 🙁 Thank you!

  9. Tsubaki Wong

    The red eyeshadow looks amazing! This helps so much! Thank you?

  10. lollypokemon

    omf ur so cute

  11. Jess Hall

    Oh my gosh, love this so much!

  12. caseygirl23675


  13. Milouu♡

    omg you are the first person that has monolids like mine!!! I'm so glad I found your channel! Xxx

  14. aleelanp

    Your skin is beautiful. Absolutely stunning.

  15. Vivien Tang

    Love this look, i have monolids too so it really helped xx

  16. TypeAAA

    I'm Asian too but with double eyelids that are not hooded; however, I don't want to venture into makeup routines made for Caucasian because my features are still too "delicate" for that. Red eyeshadow looks hot on you. I want to try it! I've been sticking to nude tones like soft gold, bronze, and soft green (green looks horrible on me).

  17. Eagle Lover

    thankyou so much for the tutorial!! btw you're so pretty, even without makeup and your freckles are so cuteee <3

  18. Grace Oh

    [LATE COMMENT] What brushes did you use? #MonolidStruggle

  19. amy b

    i have monolid eyes too glad found your channel

  20. Xylca Nillas

    The introduction says it all, really, we have the same struggle ? thankyou so much for this video

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