20 thoughts on “[MAKEUP] Daily Natural Makeup for Monolids | dahyeshka

  1. Banana Kim

    god i hate this music

  2. 95squares

    I like how as a monolid, even our "daily natural" makeup still requires falsies. .. ):

  3. 95squares

    I like how as a monolid, even our "daily natural" makeup still requires falsies. .. ):

  4. Ok Kc

    Pretty similar to the everyday monolid look that StyleWithSharon made!

  5. sze wai chor

    she is so pretty i have monolids as well but she rocks them

  6. jeb

    This video is absolutely perfect!

  7. Phanh ssi

    oaaa awesome :333

  8. Zhong Qing


  9. janaynay

    damn so gorg

  10. Nandi Selamat

    now i know how to do my eyemakeup..

  11. jackieechan111

    This is perfect. The only thing is that I'm a much much darker skintone than the model there, and I cannot use pinky nudey shades…. and some browns make it look like I have a black eye… any suggestions or know what I'm doing wrong here? Thank you for your series on monolids!!

  12. Almira Yelemessova

    OMG she's so beautiful

  13. Riverskyfall

    this model somehow reminds me of elle fanning

  14. Hayley C.

    You know what is truly a struggle? Having one double eyelid and one monolid

  15. kiki w

    This model is soooo gorgeous

  16. M HU

    you're so talented. I'm so happy to find your channel! I hate heavy eye liner which gives people an impression of very heavy make up. And I don't want to wear false lashes on daily basis for work. I want to keep my makeup fresh. I find your video very helpful. Thank you

  17. Teresa Mirbaha

    i don't need the makeup. i need her face

  18. space._.bunnies

    is ot just me or she looks like arden cho at this angle 1:32

  19. 95squares

    I'd love to know how you did her eyebrows

  20. Yến Lê

    I've watched a lot of make-up tutorials for mono lid eyes but yours is the best, honestly (Y)

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