MONOLID Makeup Swap (w/ Fashionista804 & ilikeweylie)

Even monolidders apply makeup differently! Watch as fashionista804 Sophia’s applies her signature makeup look on my eyes. 🙂 Click for full product list!

See my tutorial on Weylie:
See Weylie’s look on Sophia:

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eye primer – Too Faced Shadow Insurance

eyeshadow – Urban Decay Naked Palette

pencil liner – Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Perversion

gel liner – Bobbi Brown Gel Liner

lash curler – Shiseido Lash Curler

false eyelashes – ESQIDO lashes in Voila Lash

mascara – YSL Babydoll Mascara

brows – Benefit Brow Zings

bronzer – Too Faced Milk Chocolate Soleil Bronzer

blush – Benefit Rockateur

lipgloss – NYX Butter Gloss in Fortune Cookie



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20 thoughts on “MONOLID Makeup Swap (w/ Fashionista804 & ilikeweylie)

  1. Michelle Anne

    I reallly would like too se weylie on wong fu productions w/you

  2. Sophia claire

    yo does anyone know the products she used? really wanna try this look out but don't know the shades:((

  3. Anthony Rogers

    Was that jen speaking korean at 3:04?

  4. PearlMoss

    First time watching one of Jen's videos. She's beautiful and the makeup Sophia did looks amazing! Jen also sounds a little like Aprilathena. 

  5. cindyl00wh00

    What type of asians are the three of you? Are you all korean ?

  6. Fancy Nancy TV

    I didn't know weylie had mono lids and I've been watching her for a while now. I have mono lids so these videos were so helpful :)

  7. Lindsey Rees

    you guys are so adorable. I want to do make up with you guys! Show me a thing or two with my monolids ;)

  8. Vida Elissa

    omg i just relize that sophia is left and right handed on this video ._.

  9. Olivene Kaith

    Sophia was disssing the entire time jeez

  10. Olivia Lin

    MY EYELINER ALWAYS DISAPPEARS TOO! XD I thought that happened to all monolidders, but obviously not because Sophia says her eyeliner does show…? o.O

  11. gummybear

    What is first used brush?

  12. Npheev

    Love this! I, too, have monolids and have always felt there were no way I could ever wear eye make up! So excited to see that it is possible and able to look just as beautiful as those who have lids!! Thank you so much for sharing! I have now subscribed to all 3 of you!

  13. Josie De Vera

    Jen's speaking voice is so pretty!!!!!

  14. Susie Wong

    2 beautiful gals!

  15. Frostedgamez

    what kind of eyeliners are the best for monolids? because for me it gets smudged on my crease after a few hours

  16. Amy Liu

    U guys look the same without makeup

  17. Nea Daniela (NennaKiti)

    oh my! you are so pretty! xoxo

  18. Mariëlle Weidgraaf

    Yeayyyy ?❤️ the best bitches ? of youtube

  19. Mariëlle Weidgraaf

    I love you ❤️?

  20. Bonnie Zhao


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