Monolids | 5 Beginners Makeup Tips

Hey y’all, here’s the one you’ve been waiting for! I wanted to start off with some basic approachable makeup tips for monolids / single eyelids because I will be using these often in my up coming monolid makeup tutorial series. I’m still working on the format of the video (how to crop/insert clips for best effect) but drop me your ideas, feedback and enjoy!
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20 thoughts on “Monolids | 5 Beginners Makeup Tips

  1. Ee Laine Hoo

    i have finally found a monolid that looks nearly like mine ? thank you

  2. KPop For LIFE

    I have Demi kids it's annoying (crease for a little less than half the eye)

  3. KPop For LIFE

    Can you please do a eyebrow plucking tutorial? I'm going into grade 9 and I think I want to start trying makeup but my brows are the typical extremely sparse Asian brows

  4. TeddyRay Lynn

    Having different shape eyes makes it so hard for eyeliners just trying to balance both out @_@ glad i am not the only one. Thank you for this tutorial!

  5. Lachi M

    omggg I am the other way around..

  6. cwanee joshi

    I hav same problem

  7. beautywithcal

    Great tips! We have very similar eye shape! I love no.5 putting glittery shades on the centre of the eyelids! I use a lot of similar steps as you:)

  8. Minyeon “Minnie” Young

    I'm black with monolids. Finally, there's a tutorial. stick to matte and highlighters. Gotcha!

  9. Alice Yang

    What colors did you use for the two eyeshadows (the matte and the shimmer)?

  10. hepaticapropria

    Great tips! I'll try them out!!!!! Thank you!

  11. Britany Cheung

    Your right eye eyelash looks very droopy

  12. Elisabeth Glory

    This is totally relatable

  13. Elisabeth Glory

    Etude house eyelash curler is also good just saying

  14. sisilia lim

    how do you make the eye balance? cause i got the same eye as is really hard to do the wing liner

  15. Fang W

    This helps so much! Thank you!!!

  16. Ziwei Sun

    Thanks! Really helpful

  17. NerdyGeisha

    ohmygod the 5th tip was an epiphany for me! thank you so much for your video!

  18. E.

    great tips!

  19. Eta L

    Never knew why I love using shimmer eyeshadow until now. Lol. Love all these tips. So helpful!

  20. n_h 99

    Omg I have the same eyes as you !! It's super hard to do a good eye make up :(

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