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Hey Guys! A lot of you loved my monolid makekup tutorial, I’ll link it below, but a lot of you wanted me to show how to do it with neutral colors. Sooo that’s what I did today! This is my go to everyday makeup look. I just kinda show how to do like a more natural monolid eye look, I used a brown color. Honestly it’s the same thing I did in the first video but i hope it still helps and that you enjoy the video!

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20 thoughts on “Natural Monolid Makeup Tutorial ❤ Everyday Makeup

  1. patrick star

    what eyelash glue do you use? do they last throughout the day? btw, LOVE YOUUU <3

  2. Lily Joy

    I love your videos so much! you've definitely inspired me ✨

  3. King Angiee

    youre such a stunning human being LIKE HOW

  4. Euna Pae

    another great video <3

  5. Mavis Guo

    love this chatty routine Hana!

  6. BackTo96

    yaas i love that nose highlight

  7. TalkAboutTran

    gorg as always

  8. Airah Dianne

    You're so pretty ??

  9. ashleyseo95

    Team monolids❤️ Love your make up! Definitely gonna try that look tmrw for school! Love from Korea!

  10. TheMissGina

    You're so pretty!P.S. I love your hair! ✌️

  11. Vanessa Taffe

    Gurlll?you spayed my entire being with this look. Ahhhhh #killem

  12. Priya Mistry


  13. YouAreLoved.

    I really love your style. omg. You deserve so many more subscribers. And I would like to wish you the best on your youtube journey!!!

  14. Tiffany N (prettylittlebasics)

    Yaaayyyy I've been waiting for this!!! ???

  15. Courtney Randall

    Omg the end SO CUTE

  16. Jes is fab c:

    The lashes make your eyes pop more and I think they create some depth for monolids peeps like you and I.

  17. simplyjennav

    soo pretty!

  18. Thamirys Mathilde Pereira Nogueira (Thamy)

    I love the tutorial u r amazing love it ❣❤❤

  19. xiuyan

    ooo i have a double eyelid but theyre also droopy at the ends like yours so this is rly helpful!! Thank you for sharing!

  20. wonjung park

    I somehow recognized your profile pic and I think I saw your comments a lot on Jenn's channel!?

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